Unlike most of our competitors, staff here at Skyline are not only trained in both tree and chainsaw disciplines but also Industrial Rope Access Techniques, enabling us to offer a much more versatile service when it comes to tree and vegetation removal in difficult to access locations.

Cost Effective Solutions for Difficult AreasIMG_0372

Where clients require the removal of trees in normally inaccessible areas such as on the side of structures, down steep slopes or over water courses, normal tree climbing methods alone may not be adequate or suitable.

We are able to offer a safe but efficient solution using Industrial Rope Access Methods combined with traditional vegetation removal techniques giving the client a cost effective solution to difficult areas.

We carry out all our rope access work in accordance with standards laid down in BS 7985-2009 and The IRATA International Code of practice. Our staff are trained and assessed under the current IRATA training scheme and we have a full range of operatives from Basic technician Level 1 to Rope Supervisor Level 3.

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