Our professional tree inspection service can tell you whether your trees are in good health or decline, and whether they are safe or unsafe. While conducting your tree inspection our team of arborists will check for any sickness or hazardous conditions such as:root-crown-tree-inspection

  • Dead or cracked branches
  • Severely leaning trees
  • Root rot or trunk decay
  • Insect attack
  • Fungal infection
  • And much more

If we detect any hazards, our arborist will make recommendations to correct them, such as:

  • Trimming dead or decayed branches (“deadwooding”)
  • Installing mechanical support to stabilize large sections of a tree (“cabling”)
  • Spraying for insect invaders such as borers and pine bark beetles
  • Removal

In addition to looking at individual trees, our team of arborists can look at your property overall in order to answer questions such as:

  • Are the trees too crowded? Would removing some of the stunted or inferior species be a benefit to the more valuable trees?
  • Will that small tree growing a few feet from the house pose a problem when it matures to full size in coming years?
  • What effect will construction have on existing trees?
  • What kind of trees can be planted to enhance the property and/or replace lost trees?

We advice you to make a list of all of your tree concerns before we visit. We can then tailor your tree inspection to your needs and questions.




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